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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Factions and Classes

 In The Old Republic, the first major choice you will make is your faction. Not only will that choice determine what classes, races, and quests are available to you, but also whether you align yourself with the forces of light and justice, or darkness and corruption. Which will you choose?

The Galactic Republic stands as a beacon of unity and progress in the galaxy. At least, that is how they would like to be perceived. In reality, the Republic has been struggling a great deal since the return of the Sith, Even though their beacon of light is somewhat faded, there are still those who stand for truth, justice, and honor.

Jedi Knight:
Available Races: Human, Miraluka
Roles: Tank, DPS
Description: Jedi Knights are the Republic’s finest peacekeepers. While they are well versed in negotiation, political dealings, and try to avoid violence if at all possible, they actually specialize in lightsaber combat and use the Force to enhance their efficiency in battle. If the Jedi Council needs a situation handled and are concerned that a peaceful solution may not be possible, they will likely dispatch a Jedi Knight to the scene first.

Jedi Consular:
Available Races: Human, Mirialan
Roles: Healing, Crowd Control, DPS
Description: Unlike Jedi Knights, Jedi Consulars specialize in negotiation and can more effectively diffuse a situation with minimal bloodshed. Should a events turn violent though, Jedi Consulars can use the Force to hurl objects with ease and daze enemies temporarily. They also carry double-sided lightsabers and can use them, combined with their excellent Force abilities, to dispatch foes without much trouble.

Available Races: Human, Zabrak
Roles: Tank, DPS
Description: Troopers are the Republic’s first and last line of defense, and make up the largest part of its military might. They are highly trained, highly equipped, and highly dangerous in combat. They have no need for Force sensitivity, because their heavy blasters, explosives, and other tools serve them just fine. Even though they don’t carry lightsabers or use the Force, they are a force to be reckoned with; even for a trained Sith.

Available Races: Human, Twilek
Roles: Healing, Crowd Control, DPS
Description: Smugglers follow no law but their own. They assist the Republic not only for the money, but because they choose to. Sure, some smugglers work for the Empire, but they have less need for a smuggler’s services considering that the Empire simply takes what they want by force. Smugglers are smooth characters that can convince you to hand over your day’s pay and have you think that it benefited you. Sometimes their gambles don’t work out though, and are always ready to shoot first should things turn sour. If you need something that isn’t exactly legal or safe, there’s a pretty good chance a smuggler can get it for you, for a price.

The Sith have only recently returned and, led by their illusive and calculating Emperor, have quickly crushed a great deal of their opposition and nearly brought the Republic into complete submission. They value power and selfish ambition over all else, and only cooperate when they believe it will suit their own designs. The Imperial Army on the other hand, those under the rule of the Sith, are highly organized and work together tirelessly to achieve what they believe to be best for the Empire.

Sith Warrior:
Available Races: Human, Sith Pureblood
Roles: Tank, DPS
Description: Sith Warriors are the iron fists of the Empire. Their mere presence strikes terror into the hearts of the weak. They fight furiously with their blood red lightsabers and annihilate anyone in their path with dark Force powers. They are tireless, relentless, and often unstoppable. One of the worst things you can do is make a Sith Warrior your enemy, unless you have a death wish.

Sith Inquisitor:
Available Races: Human, Zabrak
Roles: Healing, Crowd Control, DPS
Description: If the Sith Warriors are the iron fists of the Empire, then the Sith Inquisitors are the masterminds. They work behind the scenes and manipulate events in such a way that they achieve their ends without ever lifting a finger. They are always seeking new knowledge and power through the Force, particularly in the things the Jedi are forbidden from seeing and learning. Should they need to directly participate in one of their schemes, Inquisitors can create Force Lightning at will and hurl it at the objects of their wrath.

Imperial Agent:
Available Races: Human, Chiss
Roles: Healing, Crowd Control, DPS
Description: Imperial Agents are the elite intelligence operatives of the Empire. Like the Sith Inquisitor, Imperial Agents specialize in cloak and dagger methods of dealing with opposition. They are also very capable with long-range rifles and can generate cover where there is none with their portable shield generators. When dealing with overwhelming firepower, they can call an orbital strike that rains downs explosives on their enemies.

Bounty Hunter:
Available Races: Human, Rattataki
Roles: Tank, DPS
Description: Bounty Hunters work for the Empire because they can pay the highest. They hold no real allegiance to the Empire, and will turn on them without even blinking if the price is right. Bounty Hunters are a walking armory, with heavy weapons, explosives, flamethrowers, stun darts, and restraining cords just a button away. If you are a person of influence or are the wrong side of the wrong people, you can expect a bounty hunter to be blowing down your door very soon.

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