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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor

Sith Warrior:

The Empire’s fiercest fighters, Sith Warriors are a nearly unstoppable force of the Dark Side. Being not bound by any Jedi law, their passion and rage fuel their power and accelerates it at a much quicker pace than the typical Jedi. That increased power also brings increased arrogance; which has lead to many Sith’s downfall. Gameplay-wise, Sith Warriors can specialize in tanking or DPS.


Juggernauts are nearly invincible, even when surrounded by many foes. Their stamina and endurance are extremely difficult to match. They wade straight into the middle of any battle and hold the attention of every enemy in the area. When battle does begin to wear on the Juggernaut, he can sap the energy from his opponents and transfer it to himself.


Marauders are Sith who are so aggressive in combat that they forgo defense in exchange for raw power. Wielding two lightsabers simultaneously, they are merciless and relentless in their assaults. They can also identify and exploit their enemies’ weaknesses to deadly effect. If a Marauder is on the field, I hope you already have your will written.

Starship: Fury

The Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor rivals the Imperial Agent’s X-70B Phantom in both sleekness and maneuverability. Its exterior appears very similar to that of Imperial Tie Interceptors the Galactic Empire used thee thousand years after the Old Republic era. Its interior is dark, cold, utilitarian, and fits exactly with the Sith’s unique style and standards.

Known Companion: Vette

Sold as a slave when still very young, Vette serve under many minor crime lords. After her current owner was ruined, she joined the pirate Nok Drayen. After some time of living the pirate’s life, Drayen suddenly released Vette, as well as the rest of his crew, and left her on Nar Shaddaa. She then joined with other young Twi’leks on the planet and sought out those who exploited her home planet of Ryloth and robbed them. It is uncertain how she came to be in the Sith Warrior’s service, but her child like antics will be sure to annoy him to no end.

Sith Inquisitor:

Nearly all dark plans and schemes the Empire conjures involve or begin with a Sith Inquisitor. They are masters of manipulation and can maneuver the corrupt political landscape effortlessly. Their plans are meticulous, complex, multi-layered, and exact. The best example of this would likely be the Sith Emperor himself, as he took a thousand years to plan his quest for galactic domination, and so far his schemes are bearing the desired fruit. When forced to take direct action, Sith Inquisitors can easily create and control Force Lightning to shock any opposition into either submission or death; depending on the situation. In gameplay terms, they can specialize in either healing or DPS.


Sorcerers take their pursuit of knowledge and power in the Dark Side to an extreme most Sith only dream of. Such power can both wreck extreme havoc to their enemies and heal their allies. They have attained such a vast amount of power that the very air around the Sorcerer crackles with energy. Of all people in the galaxy, it is most painful to be on the receiving end of a Sorcerer’s wrath.


Assassins prefer stealth and precision to extravagant and unnecessary displays of power. They wield double-bladed lightsabers with deadly accuracy and efficiency. They can also infuse the Force into their blades to achieve varied effects. For example, they can infuse their lightsaber blades with Force Lightning to either extend the blade’s reach or add extra damage to each strike.

Starship: Fury

The Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor classes both use the Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor. For more on this ship, see above.

Known Companion: Khem Val

A Force resistant Dashade, Khem Val has slain both Jedi and Sith for many centuries; then feasted on their remains. He served under the great Sith Lord Tulak Hord, who provided him with enough Jedi feasting to keep him satisfied. So great is his hunger, that he once devoured over a thousand Jedi in the battles of Yn and Chabosh. As time went on, his race became more and more endangered until only a few Dashade remain in the galaxy; and Khem Val’s legendary hunger and killing prowess faded from memory. Now, he sleeps suspended in the tomb of Naga Sadow; though no one knows how he came to be in that state.

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